Informal or Formal Power Differences Can Affect Personal Relationships in the Workforce

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Informal Or Formal Power Differences Can Affect Personal Relationships In The Workforce Companies normally have lots of employees working with in different positions and with different responsibilitiesy. Formal and informal power can affect the personal relationships in the workforce because different people at different levels have their own responsibility and functions. For a company to achieve the goals there should be proper structure of organisational charts showing the relationship among the workerss and ranking of positions. There are lots of employees working in a companycompanies with different work functions, so there should be position of the employee determined for their responsibility and authority. This essay will discuss about the informal or formal power differences which can affect personal relationships in the workforce. This essay will also identify the characteristics of informal and formal power which may affect the relationship between the employees working for a company . Formal power determines the level of the position of worker according to their qualification and function for the job . For example the employee having position of President has the power of making decisions in many department of company. Formal power can be recognised in a company by the roles, titles, functions and the relationship between the departments. Whereas in informal power it is not necessary to be manager to be the most powerful person at department. Employee with more experience, good power to lead other to achieve the goal of company and who can enjoy the power of that power can be the most powerful person. All types of power for an origination are important if it they is are used properly. To achieve the strategic goals for of the company it is necessary to have formal

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