P2 Describe the Different Stakeholders Who Influence the Purpose of the Two Contrasting Businesses

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P2 Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of the two contrasting businesses Stakeholders in Tesco Stakeholders are the people revolved around the interest in business. There are different types of stakeholders in the business world who all play different parts to society. Generally the stakeholders a categorised into two types internal and external. An internal stakeholder is usually someone from within the business itself such as an employee, owner or worker. On the other hand an external stakeholder is someone who is from outside the business such as a customer, supplier or a member of the community. A stakeholder for Tesco may be someone that has the job of affecting their organisation either in a good way or a bad way. Below are listed main stakeholders in a business. * Workers * Managers * Owners * Customers * Suppliers * Government * Local Community Internal Workers A worker at Tesco is someone who has a clear interest in the business they are working in. They tend to rely on work for their income, bonuses, discounts, bonuses and holiday pensions. This meaning they either like or do not have to like their job but they are still working because they need it to live by. Although they are helping Tesco by a significant amount they may take this as a chance of security for their futures and also a chance of meeting new people. Workers at Tesco maintain a big job at hands, as they have to show customers the respect and the idea of customers coming by again. Managers You may feel that managers have a different type of job to workers as they do different things to workers but in actual fact they too work to live by on. The decisions of the manager has a great effect on Tesco, it can either result good or bad. Some decisions managers have to make are: * Hiring new Staff * Firing Staff * Plans for

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