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For this assignment I will be producing a report explaining how the organisation of my choice which is Tesco obtains the co-operation of their employees. Within businesses in some occasions there are times where employees or businesses fail to co-operate in the right manor amongst each other. I will be briefly explaining and describing ways of which the market leading organisation co-operates with its employees. One method of how Tesco cooperates with their employees is via Legal forced cooperation. The legal forced cooperation is a direct way for an organisation to cooperate with its employees. If Tesco wanted to directly go ahead to cooperate with their employees then they will have to look at the employer and employee’s contract and agreements to come to a term. As being a market leading organisation Tesco have many employees working for them who are based on different contracts. The reason being is because Tesco usually focus on suiting their employee’s needs and so keeping them satisfied is one of their main goals. For this reason the turnover rate for Tesco is really good as not many staff gets fired or leaves the organisation. Tesco's contract of employment can be either spoken out to the employee or can also be given to them in writing. The contract of employment is a in depth brief about what duties are expected to be maintained and also the terms and conditions that the employee who is working within Tesco has to abide by. The return of this for the employee would consist of the salary that they will be earning per hour providing they are producing the right work and going ahead with the duties listed on the contract professionally. In contracts it will either sometimes be listed or not that the employee and employer both have a good trustworthy working relationship who goes by the rules of the contract lawfully. Within Tesco every employee

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