Acc 290 Week 2 Financial Statement Report

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Financial Statement Report ACC/290 06/03/2013 Lisa Henderson Financial statement is an expression used when referring to end of the month reports such as an income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and Retained Earnings Statement. These statements are also known as the final accounts. The income statement is a financial statement that aids in estimating the gross and net profit of a business for a specific time period. Many companies put together income statements so they can evaluate proceeds with expenditures to verify their performance. If the income of the business is more than the expenses then the company has made money and vice versa. The figures covered in the income statement are important to its managers and owners, but also to their investors and creditors’.…show more content…
Owners put in their money to make a profit this is why it is important for them to track the sum of money they may have made in an accounting period. Usually a supervisor’s standing is related with the success of the company. When a business is making money the amount of money a manager makes will usually increase and they may also get a promotion. Income statements are also used to check the revenues and expenses of the company which allows managers to reduce their unnecessary expenses to make more profit. These income statements are also useful for outside users such as investors, creditors and the government. Investors generally check the income statements of the company to verify the past financial performance of the business to evaluate their ability of producing future cash flows. Creditors also use the income statements to check and see if the business has enough revenue to pay its bills on time. Lastly, the government needs these statements to calculate the taxes which the corporation needs to pay regarding the profits earned over
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