Are Business Leaders Robber Barons, or Leaders of Industry

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John Nunez Professor Hayward GB 110 10/23/14 Business men are seen with this predetermined notion of being greedy, as if business men only go into the field to gain profits. These notions still exist today, however the question arises, are these notions true? I would argue that these notions are true because the original purpose of a business is to make profit. Thus it makes sense for most people to go into the field for the purpose of making money, but why is it seen as bad for people to be greedy? Greed is a powerful motivator, in this country we have many people and events in history that show us how powerful of a motivator greed can be, from people like Andrew Carnegie, to the gold rush. Greed has motivated people to great lengths throughout history, and greed has taken this country and made the United States the superpower it is today. The cycle of business can be broken down into very simple steps. People turn their greed into services and provide services to other people for money. A business is then formed from these people, and they become business people. Business people use their services to produce whatever a consumers demands, when these demands are fulfilled, the consumer pays and then the business gains money. If businesses want to gain more money, the business must spend more money, more money spent means more money flowing through the economy. A strong economy makes a strong government, and a strong government makes strong people to support the government. Although the business cycle is not as simple as I stated, fundamentally that is how it works, by using their greed business people end up helping everyone instead of hurting, and thus business people are captains of industry. Captains of industry are business leaders who use their personal funds to make a positive impact. The term comes the gilded age when big business was thriving and the

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