Working for One's Self or for an Employer

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Working for One’s Self or an Employer Michelle Levin COM/170-Elements of University Composition and Communication I April 1, 2013 Professor Pfeiffer Working for One’s Self or an Employer Critical decisions must be made when individuals are entering the workforce. One major decision to make is whether to work for themselves and own their own company, or work as an employee for a separate entity. In this economic climate, start-up companies and entrepreneurs comprise the backbone of what people hope to become; a progressing economy. On the other hand, working for an employer entails many benefits and attractive qualities. People need to be knowledgeable of the similarities and differences between the options in order for them to be happy with the employment option they choose. Work schedules, compensation benefits, and the environment in which humans work, are important factors when making this vital decision. The freedom of scheduling one’s own hours greatly varies between working for themselves or an employer. An individual who is self-employed has much more flexibility with the hours they choose to work. This is one of the biggest issues within the workforce. Self-employment allows individuals to create their own work hours. They possess the control to plan their own schedules and hours spent in the office. As a result of being one’s own boss, there may be days when they will have to make themselves sit at

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