Influences on Dietary Intake

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Unit 21 P3, M2 Group 4 Influences on dietary intake In this assignment I will be explaining various factors that can influence an individual’s dietary intake and how it can affect their health. It is important that individuals eat a healthy diet, and include all the vital nutrients both macro and micro. Sometimes it can be very difficult when we have to stay away from particular foods to make sure that we eat a balanced diet. Some people have likes and dislikes in food and tend to eat the food they like and this can cause many problems on their health. For instance if someone eats a lot of fatty foods like Kentucky fried chicken (KFC), they are putting themselves at risk of becoming obese or even developing cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes it is very important for a person that has diabetes has a healthy diet if it is not controlled properly it can lead to some very serious complications such as, blindness, kidney failure, strokes, and gangrene leading to amputation of lower limbs. Snacking between meals was once a discouraged behaviour but now it’s normal if someone’s snacks consist of healthy food, such as fruit and doesn’t affect their daily calorie intake then there isn’t a problem with it however if snacks consist of high in fat, sugary foods then it could be a problem. People that consume several packets of crisps are severely increasing their risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and high cholesterol levels as they get older. A majority of people tend to stick to the traditional three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner but in an increasingly busy world many people find they do not have time to eat breakfast and tend to skip it, some tend to skip breakfast to lose weight however some people over eat and eat more than three meals a day. Skipping meals could have many risks on an individual it stresses the brain and body and can lead to

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