Infant Observation Essay

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Observation 1 Infant Name: Jacob Gonzalez CHDV 100, Child Growth and Development Instructor: Prof. Kimberly Day Date Submitted: 04/23/15 Observation 1: Infant (under 12 months, non-walking) Text reference: Chapter 5, 6, 7 Child’s name: Kelsey Place of Observation: Country Kids Family Child Care Age (in months): 8 months Time of Observation: 03/25/15, 8-9:30 am Please complete each of the following. Remember (as stated in detail above), if you do not observe what is being asked, then you should still discuss the concept and provide an example of what is being asked. Domain: Physical Development Physical Growth. 1. Describe the bodily proportions of the infant. Kelsey has a big head, which is larger than her body, she has small legs, arms and hands, and she also has a big tummy. 2. What is the infant’s state(s) during the time of observation? Kelsey’s state is alert and awake. Perception: 3. Vision: What does the infant appear to look at? How long? What evidence did you see of visual preference? Does he/she turn head to locate the source of the sound or voice with eyes? If yes, describe the incident. Kelsey tends to look mostly at the toys for a few minutes, and when she hears the caregiver’s voice, she turns her head around to locate her; she tends to smile when she sees the caregivers. Another thing to point out is that there’s evidence of visual perception, because there’s about twenty toddlers and pre-school ids playing around, and Kelsey tended to look at the kids. 4. Is there any evidence of habituation? Yes, there is evidence of habituation, the caregiver gives her a wood plastic toy, then Kelsey gets tired of playing with the toy, and then grabs a stuffed animal, and when she gets tired, she then grabbed a book and started sucking on it.
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