Ap Psychology: Child Observation

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Sally Lloyd 12/30/2011 ENG-105 Mrs.sherwood Children Observation A.P. Psychology Goal- I observe any child who is between 2. 5 years old and 6.5 learn from that child's activities their physical, cognitive, social and moral development , my ideas subject would be 3 to 4 years olds . (ask the parents for the child's age in years plus month's). Observation- I observe the child three separate time. Observation A- Me and the child are alone.i will have the child doing six activities to assess the child development. Observation B- I will observe the child with other children, playmates, or siblings. Observation C- I will observe the child with mother or primary caregiver, without other people around. method- There are common rules for…show more content…
Rule four-take notes on the child every 15 minute's so you can have record on the child. Rules five- Encourage the child to play on it’s own so you can take notes and see how the child spend time on it's own.Good Luck. Rule six- make friend with the child .he or she will enjoy the attention and you will gain a lot from interacting withy the child. Parents/caregiver, explain you have to do a child observation for your child development unit in A.P. Psychology class. tell them the three observation involve looking different aspect of the child development.A is focused on cognitive skills( mention Piaget). and moral reasoning (mention kolbery,). in B you are looking at social - play involvement .and C social attachment (mention Ainsworth).never say '' testing'' nor'' intelligence''. you are observation to final out what stage the child is in and apply the theories' you are learning.you will need to borrow or take a picture of the child . take a history of the child's background try to asses the child's temperament by what the parents say in general about
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