Industrialization During The 19Th Century

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The industrialization of the United States during the first half of the 19th Century could have unified the country or split it apart because of its positive and negative effects. Industrialization had some positive effects on the United States which helped the country in the long run because living standards eventually improved for everyone in an industrial society including the working class. Women were now working instead of staying home and taking care of household chores. Factories replaced household production and new technology was developed which formed the foundation of the American technology because people started to learn faster ways of producing goods because it increased their economy. Industrialization could have split America because at the time the society saw no improvement because people were still very poor and working under horrible conditions. The rich and elite were getting richer and richer by cutting down the workers’ wages and making them work long hours. Women were often hired because they didn’t have to be paid as much as men and were able to perform the same duty with the introduction of machines. Handicraft which was once highly valued now had no value at all because the same affects or better could be produced with machines and they were faster. Workers had poor working conditions and the employers were more concerned with the cost of the labor instead of the welfare of their employees. Families were split because of the working hours and conditions. A lot of people were forced to work in these conditions or else face starvation because there weren’t any other jobs available. In conclusion The Unites States during the industrialization era had to see a lot of difficulties and could have been easily split apart but the people of that time were strong and protested which eventually had the government create laws on workers’
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