Bus 187 Nike Case Homework 1

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1) Yes, I think Nike should be held responsible for working conditions in foreign factories that it does not own, but where subcontractors make products for them. Basically, Nike should be responsible for it because it is unethical to gain something without paying off anything. Nike benefits from foreign factories so they must pay for what they get. Nike should care more about the working conditions for the employers in foreign factories, as they are the ones who work in order for Nike to gain profit through the products made by them. Those employers are human beings and have families. Thus, I think Nike should be help responsible. 2) Nike should care more about the safety of their employers working in foreign factories. For example, employers working in foreign factories have to inhale toxic gases everyday, where they put their lives on stake. Those employers work overtime but did not get the pay that they deserve. Instead, employers who came late to work will not be tolerated. This has caused many employers to get stressed out, leading to suicide attempts. The reason may be because the labor costs in foreign countries are cheap compared to United States. However, I think it is wrong to take advantage of those employers’ lives by not providing those employers fairly. 3) Yes, I think it is correct to criticize Nike for the low pay rates of its subcontractors in Indonesia. Most of the people Indonesia indeed have half the daily income compared to employers working in Nike, but those people are unlike the employers of Nike. Employers of Nike have to risk their lives by inhaling toxic gases everyday, working overtime, and still did not get the pay they deserved. On the other hand, most people who have half the income do not need to risk their lives. For example farmers, they live a very healthy live even though they receive much less compared to the income of

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