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Treadway Tire What is the relationship between line foremen at Treadway’s Lima Plant and other groups within the plant? • Line foremen make up a third of the salaried workforce (50 of the 150). The remaining 970 employees are hourly workers. The hourly workers are supervised by the line foremen. • The line foremen are not part of a union like their subordinates are. • There are 13 general supervisors above the line foremen who manage the several line segments. What are the elements of the work system that contribute to the problem? • 80% of new hires are internal promotions. Hourly union workers suddenly become salaried non-union foremen (us versus them scenario). • Young college graduates (16% of new hires) lack experience and training, and therefore credibility. • Line foremen feel pulled in different directions by managers, the workers, and the union. • They feel great pressure to meet forecasted production and leave things unresolved for the next shift’s line foreman, who has to then fix unresolved equipment and quality issues from the previous shift. The pressure placed on them also makes them place intense pressure on the hourly employees, which results in low morale (hourly employees feel like the foremen don’t listen to them, are too harsh, etc.). • The plant is open 24/7 and uses 12 hour shifts, which is problematic. Due to the “strenuous nature of the long shifts”, employees show up late and call in sick often so line foremen constantly have to scramble to find substitutes at the last minute. • If they allow production to drop as a result of these problems, they get to be verbally reprimanded by their managers. Is it any wonder why turnover is a problem? • Because of the union, demotions and terminations were out of line foremen’s control so even getting rid of bad workers was difficult. In addition, “grievance

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