Industralization and Comparison of Presidents Wilson and and Roosevelt

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1.) Describe industrialization's impact on workers. How did work, status and ownership of preindustrial artisans compare with the work, status and ownership of industrial workers? Summarize the response of industrial workers to their new condition. Tell as much as you can about the organized labor movement. Throughout our world today, the Industrial Revolution is responsible for the beauties of life that we enjoy today. But in the late 1800’s not all things were glamorous for the workers and their families once the Industrial Revolution began. First of all, cities throughout the world were building so rapidly, a lot of building became inhabitable. Tenement houses within these cities became incredibly crowded and crammed along narrow paths or streets. Whole families were living in attics, cellars, or single rooms, with one house holding up to 60 people in multiple rooms. Sanitation was not common in a lot of cities even making clean water for the rich a luxury. Sewers ran down streets, wide-open, carrying water fouled with industrial and human waste. Tuberculosis, typhoid and cholera were diseases that developed in many cities killing thousands. Adding to these unbearable conditions, air pollution and malnutrition became a huge and deadly problem. Crime, Alcoholism and prostitution started becoming natural outcomes for individuals that were dealing with these ongoing problems. Also not only the living conditions were unlivable, working conditions were even worse. Depending on the hours throughout the workday, workers shifts could be doubled and workers could be working up to six days a week. A lot of the workers during that time endured uninteresting, rugged and tedious day with little or no rest. Showing that life at that time as a worker was not worth it but most of them had families to feed. Now on to production, the manufacturing of goods in the

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