In What Ways Did Black Americans Secure Improved C

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In What Ways Did Black Americans Secure Improved Civil Rights: 1945-1964? Black Americans had often been looked down upon by White Americans and always suffered racial prejudice. Their struggle for equal racial rights had begun from the end of slavery in 1865, only until the late 1960’s did significant improvement was made. Following the events and ending of World War II, Black Americans began what would become known as the Civil Rights Movement. In 1951, the father of a black student named Linda Brown sued the Board of Education because a white school had prevented Brown from attending a school which was only seven blocks away, compared to the segregated black school she was attending which was more than seven blocks away from her home. Despite losing the first legal battle, Brown’s father did not give up. He found help from the NAACP, a prominent civil rights organisation which appealed on his behalf to the Supreme Court of USA. Following the appeal, in May 1954, Chief Justice Earl Warren declared the US Constitution to be ‘colour-blind’ and therefore ordered the Topeka Board of education to end segregation in its schools. This was one of the first major steps in the civil rights movement. The Freedom Riders were a group of civil rights activists whose sole aim was to end racial segregation. It started in 1961 when student protestors rioted against racial segregation. Many rode on buses to segregated states in USA in order to test the laws of segregation. There were even white people who sat next to the black people in order to show their support that they were all equal. This act enraged some white people and consequently they attacked many of these buses on their way to the states. The Montgomery First Baptist Church Attack was an incident when Martin Luther King went to the church and joined one thousand and five hundred people to support the Freedom Riders.
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