Brown Versus Board of Education

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Brown 2 The Brown versus the Board of Education was a Supreme Court case that was an enormous decision that impact the desegregation of schools between African American and Caucasian children and took place in 1954. The Supreme Court handed down the landmark decision Brown versus the Board of Education, in which the court ordered the end of state-mandated racial segregation of public schools (93 Harv. L. Rev.518(1979-1980). With this decision, it set off the revolution in the civil rights law and the political justice for blacks causing them more lead way in and out of court. This decision was a life changing experience for equality and is still continuing to this day. According to the fourteenth amendment , Segregation of white and black children in the public schools of a State solely on the basis of race, pursuant to state laws permitting or requiring such segregation, denies to Negro children the equal protection of the laws Amendment .( Brown 3 The Supreme Court case Brown versus the Board of Education aimed to end unconstitutional discrimination against black people in the United States. (McDonald, 2009) . During the trial, psychologist Kenneth B. Clark argued that the segregation of black children faced many self esteem issues and hindered there ability to learn due to the racial issues that they were faced with. The black children that were tested displayed many problems with there color by even the simplest questions. Clark asked some of the children which doll that they would prefer and he held a white doll in his left hand and a black doll in his right hand . Each child chose the white doll due to the perception of people that they are amongst, and being black wasn't a positive outcome to be proud of in

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