Brown vs. Board of Education

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Andrew Gonzalez 2/21/07 Holy Name School Essay Brown vs. Board of Education was a court case concerning the segregation of black and white students within the school system. In one of five cases, thirteen families sued the Topeka school board, claiming that to segregate children was harmful to the children and, therefore, a violation of the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment. In the end, these thirteen families got the children to get the same education as any other white kid would get. Unfortunately, they were treated unfairly but were brave enough to take this risk for their education. When I read this story I was concerned about the catholic parish and how they reacted to this situation. It happened to be that even catholic schools had been segregated between one another. I also thought that it just wasn’t right for a catholic school to segregate when the golden rule is to treat others the way you would like to be treated. This goes against segregation in schools because you are not treating people equally meaning that you are breaking the golden rule. By breaking the golden rule, this gives God a chance to think and answer the question for you, would you like to be treated this way? On May 17, 1954, after thinking very carefully for nearly a year and a half, the Supreme Court made its ruling to ban segregation in the public school system. The Court stated that it could not use the intentions of 1868, when the fourteenth amendment was passed, as a guide to its ruling, or even those of 1896, when the decision in Plessy vs. Ferguson was handed

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