Disscussion Question Brown V. Board of Education

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• What are the important facts? • What is the question the court is being asked to answer: • How did the Court rule? • Why did the Court rule the way it did? Citation Brown v. Board of Education 347. U.S. 483, 491, 494–495 (1954) I chose Brown V. Board of Education. Facts: Multi similar cases joined into one under the name Brown before the United States Supreme Court on December 9, 1952. Children of black families sought aid in being able to attend the public schools of their community without segregation. In each case they had been denied entrance to the schools that were attended by white children. It is alleged that the segregation deprived the plaintiffs of equal protection of the laws under the Fourteenth Amendment. Each previous case had been heard in lower courts subject to their own states and were denied. In each case other than the Delaware case the three judge Federal district court denied plaintiffs on the so-called “separate but equal” doctrine that was generated by the court in Plessy V. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537. Reargument was heard in this Term to answer certain questions propounded by the court 347 U.S. 483,489. It was largely centered on the circumstances surrounding the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868. Judgment was made on the sources about being inconclusive. The Court was being asked to answer: Allow admittance for black children into public schools that were attended by white children claiming the schools were not equal. How did the court rule? The U.S. Supreme court ruled in favor of the plantiffs saying that schools will allow entrance to the black children. Why Did the court rule the way it did? The court saw that the schools for the black children were not up to par with the schools the white children attended. And through this case made it possible for both races to join in the same school and get the

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