In the Journey of Priam and Somax, Malouf Reveals the Deeper Truths That Make Us Fully Human

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“In the journey of Priam and Somax, Malouf reveals the deeper truths that make us fully human.” In ransom Malouf reveals the deeper truths that make us fully human. The journey of priam and Somax eventuates in Achilles and Priam. Due to Priam breaking free from being king, he and Achilles are able to regain some inner humanity. Family ties are important in ransom as it connects characters which allows them to show empathy and compassion for one another. Despite Priam’s transformation over his journey, its his encounter with Achilles which allows them to become fully human. The ties of family are demonstrably an essential element of humanity through connecting the characters in allowing them to display empathy and compassion for each other. The death of Patroclus, drives rage into Achilles. Patroclus’ death causes Achilles grief leading him into barbarity. He desecrates Hector’s body every day without guilt from the inhumanity of the situation. Achilles becomes ‘animal-like’ and is compare to a ‘wolf’ as he cannot release himself from the despair. This is symbolic of his loss of humanity. The loss of Patroclus causes pain to Achilles. Malouf emphasises the significance family has on characters and illustrates this through the pain and grief of Achilles. He loses his humanity as he destroys Hector’s body. Priam also suffers loss and grief in the death of his son Hector. This leads Priam to have a vision, an epiphany, of a way to get back Hector’s body. When he and Achilles meet, he uses humanity to persuade Achilles by asking him “Think Achilles. Think of your son Neoptolemus. Would you not do for him what I am doing here for Hector? Would your father, Peleus, not do the same for you?” This shows us that the use of family was effective in Ransom in connecting characters and displaying humanity between them. Priam’s vision develops in him and Achilles as they
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