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Amy Johnson Mrs. Howard English November 16th 2012 Australian Puppy Mills Australian puppy mills are very common and a constantly growing problem. There are thousands of puppy mills all over Australia. A puppy mill also called puppy farm is literally a farm that constantly produces puppies to sell for the maximum profit available. The conditions of Australian puppy mills is horrendous and the conditions of the dogs are far worse. Thousands of dogs die in puppy mills each year. The suffering they are put through before they die is disheartening. Australian puppy mills are depressing and the suffering of the thousands of dogs in the mills is unfathomable yet they are considered legal. Australian puppy mills need to be stopped and the suffering…show more content…
Inside a puppy mill there is an abundance of stacked and filthy wire cages. The wire cages are harmful to a dog’s feet, and inflict pain to their small and delicate feet. Mill operators use wire cages to prevent the need to clean the cages. The cages are small with multiple dogs and puppies crammed inside to maximize the number of dogs possible. The more female dogs a puppy mill has the larger amount of puppies, allowing more money to possibly be made. The stacked cages allows the feces to drop through the bottom of the cage onto whatever is underneath, which is usually another cage full of dogs and puppies. Puppy mills are extremely unsanitary. This causes many health problems, diseases, and many deaths. The dogs that are in puppy mills are unhealthy and malnourished. Australian puppy mill operators and do anything to save money this includes depriving the dogs of what they need to be healthy such as food. Puppy mill dogs get hardly any attention and have behavior problems. They are fearful and very skittish because of the lack of socialization and attention. Puppy mills are strictly for the money anything unnecessary is rarely used. Grooming is included in the list of things these dogs do not receive. Long haired dogs that are in puppy mills have fur that is severally matted and filthy. The puppy mill operators only want the money and the dogs alive is all they need in order to produce…show more content…
They go through unimaginable constant and unbearable amount of pain and suffering. Poor helpless dogs who can not survive on their own and rely on humans to allow them to live. Dogs in puppy mills are beaten. Pain purposely inflicted on them while they are weak and defenseless. Humans are their voice and at the same time humans are what is putting them through pain. Hundreds of dogs each day suffer. Starved and deprived of water and love. Not only dealing with the pain of being beaten, trapped, unloved, but a pain of hunger and no way to stop the never ending moans of emptiness of their stomachs. Each day hundreds pass away or more appropriate term murdered. Australian puppy mills are far worse than cruel and there are hundreds of words to use to describe a puppy mill. Thousands of dogs kept in small cramped cages that hurt their feet . Their own feces replaces their fur along with the feces others above and in the same cage. Surrounded with filth with no escape. So thirsty, so hungry, and so sad and unwanted. No one to love them and give them what they need. Well together we can stop this pain and suffering of the thousands of dogs and together we can stop Australian puppy

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