Both Priam & Achilles Are Liberated as a Result of What Priam Does, Discuss.

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King Priam watches as his sons body gets dragged behind Achilles Chariot in the Greek camp. Achilles refuses to give up Hectors body to Priam because he is saddened due to the death of his friend Patroclus. Achilles and Priam are both free, not only of their kingly roles but Achilles is free from the rage and grief he feels following Patroclus' Death and Priam is liberated from the restrictions placed upon him as king when he goes to retrieve his sons body. Achilles is Liberated from the rage and grief he feels following Patroclus' his "adoptive brother"'s Death. The shocking grief Achilles is put through when Patroclus' dies, sends Achilles into a hopeless fury. When Priam makes his way to visit Achilles at his camp, to get his sons body back he approaches Achilles as a man. Not a warrior. Not a king. But a father. He is worried yes but also he may feel as though Achilles would be a man of understanding as he is in the same position when he lost his Son, Neoptolemus. Achilles feels that if Hector can kill Patroclus' then Hector does not deserve to live. When Somax reminisces about the death of his second son he remembers that he "was beside [him] self. [He] felt like punching her where she stood" He then continues without question to berate Achilles based on the way he dealt with Patroclus' death. Priam re-iterates what having a son means and convinces Achilles that he would do the same thing if he was in Priam's position. "Would you not do for him (Neoptolemus) what i am doing here for Hector?" Pg. 184. Priam is Liberated from his Kingly Roles when he makes the decision to pay a ransom in exchange for Hectors body. Priam is doing something that has never been done before, never even been thought of. It allows him not only to repossess the body of his son Hector but also himself as he explores the visual sense of himself, free from his Kingly part. Priam
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