War: The Honour And Glory It Gains In The Iliad To Essay

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War: The honour and glory it gains in the Iliad to the atrocities it brings in Troy War, a campaign in the struggle for power, riches and infamy, has long been a method of confrontation and acquisition. Homer’s The Iliad and Wolfgang Petersen’s film Troy are both works are centered around the essence of warfare, but both works have different perspectives as to what it represents. While The Iliad shows war as a glorious act of sovereignty, Troy illustrates the brutal cruelty of conflict. The Iliad was written in a time where Honour was regarded with utmost distinction. Armed conflict was a certain tactic to gain and maintain the glory of honour. Refusing a fight was a sign of weakness and cowardice. In contrast, Illiad’s Paris’ distaste for fighting to the death, drew scorn and disdain from both his family and Helen. Helen herself says “You’ve come back from the fight. How I wish you’d died there, killed by that strong warrior who was my husband once.”(3. 480-483) In contrast, the Troy counterpart was grateful that he made the less popular choice of keeping himself alive by cowering away from certain death. She even praised him that he ran away, not to save his skin, but ‘for love’. Achilles wins eternal glory by explicitly rejecting the option of a long, comfortable, uneventful life at home for one of hardship and adversity. This means test of judging character extended itself even to the gods. (Quote of their enjoyment) Homer does mention the realities of war; describing in vivid details, the gruesome deaths of some of the characters. However, he also emphasizes that the winner reaps the glory of victory and the loser, though defeated, dies an honourable death through the battle. Though Homer also writes of all the grief that death brings, he makes it clear that there is much veneration and respect in a triumphant combat. The film Troy depicts war in a

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