How Does Susan Hill Shape the Characteristics of the Characters in the Novel ‘I Am the King of the Castle’?

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How does Susan Hill shape the characteristics of the characters in the novel ‘I Am the King of the Castle’? The novel ‘I Am the King of the Castle’ by Susan Hill was a tragic story placed in 1960s England. The novel describes the differences between upper and lower classes. Every character in the novel has an unforgettable past, which leads to their dynamic characteristics. The characteristics made the conflict of the novel a lot more intense though out the novel. Charles Kingshaw was the main victim of the whole novel. In the novel, he mentioned that he lost his father when he was young. ‘My father ‘s dead’ He was angry, not hurt. (pg.18) His father who died in war was his hero to him and when Hooper asked him about his father, he felt like Hooper was insulting his father so he was unhappy about it. The death of Kingshaw’s father made Kingshaw extremely sensitive about dead things. ‘He knew at once that the crow was not real, that it was stuffed and dead.’ (pg. 37) this showed that Kingshaw is very aware of death. Helena raised Kingshaw up all by herself, so Kingshaw likes his mother a lot. Kingshaw wants his mother to be happy and he also wants his mother to have a good relationship. Kingshaw knows that his mother is lonely after his father died, and when they went to the Warings, they saw Joseph Hooper. Joseph was really nice to both Charles and his mother most of the times, and this made Helena though about her last marriage. Kingshaw wants to help his mother, but on the other side, Hooper was always bullying and threatening Kingshaw to leave the Warings. Kingshaw never told Helena the truth when Hooper was lying. He saw that they did not really know him, not any of them, they had been completely unaware of everything he thought and felt, quite ready to believe Hooper’s lies and complaints. (pg.130) This showed that Kingshaw was left alone and no one

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