Troy - Audience Manipulation

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Audience manipulation Audience manipulation is a trick used by film makers and directors to make the audience of the show or movie to feel a certain way about a character. Because people respond in certain ways to things people do, the director can make the characters of a movie act differently in a scene than they previously did and thus making the audience feel differently about characters. Audience manipulation examples (Troy): In Troy there is the scene where Paris challenges Minneolas to a fight in hopes that it will resolve the issue and prevent the war. Before this particular scene Paris was thought of by many as a young man who made the wrong decisions (e.g. going to see Helen Minneola’s’ wife after they made peace with Sparta and then taking her back to Troy). During the scene where Paris Fights Minneolas he gets a cut on his thigh, but rather than stay and fight Paris crawls back to his brother and choses to lose his honour and what respect men had for him just to live. This would have made the audience think if him as a coward rather than a brave man as they perhaps thought at the beginning of the scene. Another good example is with Achilles, for the most part he is made out to be a ruthless, do whatever it takes kind of man that wants only to be remembered by people for years to come. Achilles fights for himself but also fights alongside Agamemnon on the attack of troy to gain the remembrance and glory that he seeks. Throughout the movie there are parts where Achilles shows mercy on people such as when he was inside the walls of troy and rather than kill a soldier he tells him to get his family out and lets him live. Also in another scene Achilles rescues a girl when he sees that the soldiers are about to beat and brand her, after which he treats her relatively well. A good example of character manipulation in Troy is
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