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In the novel ‘Ransom’ written by David Malouf, it shows the strength, bravery and also the frailty of Priam on his journey to bring home his son Hectors body from his killer Achilles. As a reader we come to see the importance of relationships and how much they can impact vengeance and wrath. Achilles learns to deal and overcome loss and mortality. There is continually an underlying presence of war and masculinity and storytelling throughout Ransom. Achilles loss of his brother affects his sanity and enrages him to an inhumane vengeance on Hectors body. Achilles struggles to get a grasp on the loss of his broth Patroclus and takes all his anger out on Hectors body after killing him. Achilles convinced himself that his anger would stop after he had killed Patroclus’ killer, Hector. It just continued to enrage him further, as after every time he mutilated Hectors body it receded to a peaceful untouched state. The reader is able to understand the depth of Achilles and Patroclus’ relationship and the strong connection that they shared, which went deeper than just adoptive brothers and cousins they were soul mates. The loss of Patroclus affected Achilles in more ways than one and affected his ability to think clearly, he whispers to the body of Patroclus, “just a little longer Patroclus, and ’he whispers. ‘Can you hear me? Soon, now. Soon” Achilles doesn’t want to be without his partner, he knows he will be soon reunited. In the battle of Achilles in a rage and Hector for his life, Hector was slain down and in his last words where i=his own breath gave out it was replaced by a god that stated “You will not outlive me Achilles” the voice whispered then, “The days are few for you to walk the earth…. In your father’s house in Pthia they are preparing to mourn”. Achilles faces the likelihood of dying, and leaving mortality. Achilles doesn’t make or follow his conscience he
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