Importance Of Professional Roles In Nursing

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RUP 1 Project
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Professional Roles and Values
In this paper I will provide insight into my personal practice and manner in which I present care. I will supply a look at the sources that influence and guide my daily practice; and, the ethical standards that direct me in practice.
State Board vs. Nursing Organizations
Board members are appointed to their positions by the governor; whereas, Nursing Organizations such as, The American Nurses Association (ANA), have elected members. The Board of Nursing is designed to set statues, maintain structure and provide discipline for the professional nurse. The Board of Nursing is also tasked with the very important role of protecting the public from harm, while seeking
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From those I found Provision One is a very large influence on my current and previous practice (ANA 2010). Working in a community health center where 30 percent of our clientele is uninsured, approximately ten percent are private pay, and the other 60 percent are state funded assistance. It is important I treat the person not the circumstances. I firmly believe everyone has an inherent right to fair treatment as a human being. As Pediatric Clinic Coordinator it is imperative everyone be treated with dignity and compassion in our department. It is my goal that no one our department feeling they were treated unfairly. If I suspect someone has been treated without the utmost respect I am the one who becomes the advocate for their rights. On occasion, I have had to discretely talk with my provider, and sometimes my manager, about the way the provider has made a parent feel. Last Friday, I had a first time parent tell me in full blown tears, she would never be back. As she cried, between the tears said she had to get insurance for her baby. I was devastated that she felt inadequate because she could not provide healthcare for her child; but even worse, because a medical professional made her feel that way. She felt the provider had been rude and dismissive of her concerns and basically ignored her. I attempted to explain to her, she had done absolutely nothing wrong and no one had the right to make her feel…show more content…
It is important to build a trusting nurse client relationship built on honesty. In my current practice I encounter a great many clients who are native to our country. Most of which, so not speak our language. In these circumstances it is very important I provide a warm, trusting environment for this interaction. I need them to feel welcomed, safe and trust me with most treasured, their children. Without verbal exchange, they have to feel my authenticity for the care, until they can verbally exchange with me. My interpersonal skills must be finely tuned and continuously developing to facilitate quality care to

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