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Nurse Becoming a nurse is a career that I feel is the best fit for me. A nurse is someone that needs to be able to be trusted by others, you need to have qualities like; kindness responsibility, patience, and assertiveness. As a nurse you are responsible for taking care of sick and injured patients, that can very from babies to elders. A nurse is also required to take detailed records in order to help doctors with the progress of their patients. As a student I am most interested in becoming a nurse because of all the experiences that you intake and learn from, during your career as being a nurse. When I become a nurse I feel it will be the best career choice for myself because I am the type of person that needs to interact with people I enjoy meeting new people everyday. I am a very caring person and enjoy taking care of people and helping them out when they need it the most. I also like to take on large responsibilities, I feel as if I work to my fullest potential under pressure. Becoming a nurse takes a lot of practice and skills, I believe I have all the qualities and will to be successful also happy in becoming a nurse. The nursing field is very promising it is always in high demand, as the population grows the more nurses are always required. To become a nurse the requirements are to graduate from a nursing program which up to 4 years. To obtain a associate degree in nursing it takes about 2 years, as well as 4 years of college for a bachelor's degree.(studentdoc) I plan to start off with my general studies at Pima than transfer to U or A, where I have always wanted to attend which offers a superior nursing program. A nurse is to be educated in anatomy, chemistry, nutrition and psychology, even after nurse's receive a nursing certificate they are required to take classes during their career as training to keep them current.(studentdoc) I am very interested

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