My Nursing Ethics

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Nursing Ethics

How do we decide what is right or wrong for someone else? Nursing practice deals with dilemmas everyday. Personal, cultural, and spiritual values contribute to nursing practice immensely. Values, morals and ethics along with personal view help understand ethical dilemma. In this paper, I will cover different values, morals, and ethics obligating my nursing practice including my personal views to make a difference in others lives’.

One of the important things to remember is that in other peoples’ life, nurses play an important role. Nursing is an evolving profession. Nurses are important because they are always around in people’s life say birth, during illness, healing time, and even at death. Nurses face ethical dilemmas everyday at work. Keeping all that in mind, to guide nurse in their work operation, there are some values. In order to develop services that are of use to the patient, ethical dimensions in nursing practices should be taken care of.

The key value towards nursing practice is knowledge. Knowledge is consider as one of the most important values towards this profession is to ensure that under different situations nurses can act in a right manner along with providing relevant measures. All three values, which includes personal, spiritual and cultural plays an important role towards my nursing practice. My values keep me motivated to achieve the positive results in the right manner (Armstrong, 2009).

Values play an important role in nursing profession because values are beliefs that nurses have when attending a sick person. When attending a sick person, values helps to take care of the well being of the patient including any actions they require to achieve the best results. During treating process, the idea that should be developed by nurses is also be defined as a value. Values have advantages in nursing practice because they
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