Importance of Healthy Lifestyles in School Essay

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Importance of Healthy Lifestyles in Schools Diminutive, fictional, and vaguely human, hobbits are important in schools. Wait, that’s not right. Although, hobbits could be important in schools, but that’s not what I’m going for. Habits are the important thing. Healthy lifestyle habits are important to succeeding in schools. Helpful habits ranging from proper hygiene to good study habits, from good work ethic to not smoking, drinking , or doing drugs, and from eating right to exercising. These habits will not only help you succeed in school but also in life after school. Scientifically speaking, eating correctly, working out, and sleeping will provide the needed energy to conquer school. Certain foods, such as candy, chips, and soda, are common foods for too many children today. People often wonder why these students don’t graduate high school; a possible explanation for this is the childrens’ bad diets. Foods full of simple carbohydrates and sugars do not only contribute to the rampant childhood obesity in America but, also helps explain widespread ADD/ADHD problem found in schools. When one eats simple carbs, glycolysis happens it is quickly converted into glucose which gives the person too much energy all at once. With too much energy, a person cannot concentrate and therefore does worse in school. On the other hand, students who eat regular meals of complex carbohydrates and protein are not only healthier because of their lower body mass index, but also generally perform better in school. Exercise is essential for a healthy body. Not only does it help you burn fat and build muscle, but working out also lessens one’s chances of getting diseases. For example, many scientific articles have been published on the role of exercise in diminishing a human’s chances for developing Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Exercise also triggers the release of beta endorphins in

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