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Importance of Creativity in Decision Making Essay

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Below is an essay on "Importance of Creativity in Decision Making" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Student name – Yadav Ashish

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          Course code – HRMT11010

          Submitting to – Krust Paul


Creativity is a method of arising and discovering new novel and exceptional ideas, views, thinking which further helps to solve the trouble conditions and to make decisions thoroughly. It can easily be seen in many different cases like in painting, music or clever summarization of story teller but in decision making process it based upon looking at new solutions or ideas which were unseen before. By using the creativity, decision makers can easily understand any kind of problem. These problems also include seeing problems which cannot be easily seen by others. Decision is a way of choosing accurate path of action among other available alternatives. There is a big role of decision making in administration because only the managerial decisions decides the long term survival of any organization. Environment is competitive and dynamic, so for competitive strength, the development of creativity or unique ideas is necessary.

Creativity is a process of evaluating organizational problem by a system. It is the process of reflecting internal factors behaviors and knowledge which can be acquired from practice and experiences. It is not a tremendous human or supernatural ability; even these people are good in amplifying a broad range of variations for different problems. Similarly it is not a divine gift of development or higher education. Also continuously working in the good environment can help the person to get more experience and to increase the number of different variations for solving problems. But environment is dynamic environmental factor market demand and fashion of today which may not be same in tomorrow.

In the creativity, creative thought includes three kinds of phases like preparation, incubation and illumination which help in finding the valuable...

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