Impacts of Excessive Advertising Upon Consumers Essay

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Question: “Advertising is the art of arresting the human intelligence just long enough to get money from it.” How far do you agree with the above statement? Discuss the impacts of excessive advertising upon consumers. Answer: What is advertising? Advertising is a non-personal communication which is designed to communicate in a more creative manner. It is paid and is made through the mass media which combines with ideas, services and products. Advertising offers variety kinds of information which may include information on products, ideas and services to serve the objectives that are decided by the advertiser. Selling things creatively and persuasively is the ultimate objective of advertising and the primary goal is to increase probability that consumers are attracted to the advertisement advertised to the public although consumers may be influenced. The objective of advertising can be achieved in many different ways. Identification function which is a function used for product identification and to differentiate it from others is one of the most important function in advertising. Communication with product information such as attributes, sales and location is concluded as information function which is also important. The third function which is persuasion function plays the role in persuading consumers in trying new products and provides suggestion on reuse of the products. Advertising is used in many ways. Below are the usages of advertising: * Used by commercial firms to sell services and products * Used as ideas provider by politicians and political groups to persuade people to vote for them * Used as fund raising advertisement, hire volunteers and influence the actions of viewers by non-profit organizations for fund-raising purposes * Used by governments for giving advises purposes, encouragement or discourage certain activities or actions

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