Business Btec Unit 9 P3

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P3 explain the role of advertising agencies in the development of a successful promotional campaign | Roles of advertising agencies: services offered such as media planning eg advertisement design, copywriting, graphic design, typography, production; cost options eg in-house versus outsourcingTypes of media: local; regional; national; international; terrestrial; satellite; digital; internet; specialist media | * * Advertising agencies are used to help with a business/organization objectives and aims within promotion. They have a lot of skills, resources and experience which can save a lot of time, effort and money. You can also get some that specialize in a certain field with a variety of services to match all budgets. And another great thing is that they can help create a internal team especially for one campaign. Some negatives include that it will cost more than house marketing. They agency may have competitors already in their books making the campaign more difficult. The agency may not be as enthusiastic as the campaigner and sometimes not understand the firms full vision. * There are two types of advertising agencies. Full service includes the agency dealing with design, planning, copywriting and production. So full service has to deal with everything from the idea, creating and finishing it. Whereas limited service doesn’t provide a full service and only what they are specialized in. * Here are some tasks the advertising agency has to complete in order to have a successful promotional campaign. Advertising design -:to come up with ideas for the promotion , messaging and branding e.g. color, design. Advertising audience -:select the perfect audience for the campaign and carry out a segmentation activity. Advertising production -:using the promotional ideas and applying them in media, social network, newspapers and

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