Impact Of Income Upon Health Essay

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Asses the impact of Income upon Health. To what extent is there a link between income and health? There have always been inequalities in health in the UK. In more recent years, these inequalities have been thought to have connections with income – richer people have better health than those in poverty. This is true to a certain extent but race, geography, lifestyle and other factors play a role as well. Different governments have taken different approaches to tackling health issues. The link between income and health was first made by the “Black Report” in 1980. It concluded that while the general health of the nation was improving, the gap in health between the higher and lower classes was increasing. The Conservative party of time accepted this but argued that the general improvement of national health was more important than the the difference in health between social classes, but their opposition, Labour disagreed, arguing that it was more important to narrow this gap than to worry about the general improvement in health .Both are important issues to consider. For example, in 2001, 18.5% of people of a lower socio-economic status were in “poor health”, in comparison to only 3.4% of people in higher managerial or professional occupation. This clearly indicates a link but whether ill-health is directly because of a particular individual's income is debatable. As aforementioned, other factors play a role in health inequalities, for example race. Bangladeshi and Pakistani men and women are 4 times more likely than the general population to describe their health as poor. Does this mean that poor health could also be related to ethnicity? Some may argue so, but Pakistanis and Bangladeshis also run a 69% chance of earning below the national average compared to whites who only run a 20% chance and are generally in better health. This shows that perhaps ethnicity is
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