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Significant Health Care Event Paper Kimberly Tice HCS 531/Health Care Organizations and Delivery Systems September 3, 2012 Rochelle Robinson-Levant Significant Health Care Event Paper This paper is about Managed Care and the effect it has had on health care today. “Managed care is an alternative health care arrangement in this country. The goal of these arrangements was to help meet the health care needs of select groups of people, including rural residents and workers and families in the lumber, mining, and railroad industries; the enrollees paid a set fee to physicians who delivered care under the terms of their agreement. In urban areas, such groups often were paid by benevolent societies to provide care to their members or charges.…show more content…
These different programs are usually found in Health Maintenance Organizations, HMO’s, and Preferred Provider Organizations, PPO’s. Managed care itself was put in place to lower the medical costs, to force providers to give discounts on their rates, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, thus causing the whole industry to become more competitive and efficient. Managed care uses a Network of providers and facilities that agree to keep costs down, while providing an array of services. They also encourage preventative care, and often give financial incentives to the enrollees to use this care efficiently. Another early HMO started because “Henry Kaiser, whose name became synonymous with prepaid health care, was impressed with Dr. Garfield’s program. During World War II, he set up two medical…show more content…
They felt as if they did not have enough time to spend with their patients. Most health care workers had more patients and less help, which meant that some patients fell through the cracks. As a result of managed care, and the lack of time spent with patients, many patients eventually died because they could not get the care they needed in time, or at all. Speaking from a providers’ perspective (as a former nurse) managed care made it very difficult to care properly for the patients entrusted to you because there was so much more to do with much less. Patients who were admitted came to the hospitals much sicker, and you had more folks to care for at the same time, with less help. This was not fair to you or those in your care. Conclusion Managed care was born out of a good idea, basically to help curb the rising cost of health care. In essence it should have been the answer. But because of the greediness of some just as in other models what started out as good ended up not being able to provide the quality care at an affordable price like was promised. This country does need health care reform but managed care is not the answer. Anytime money is the goal someone has to lose out. There has to be a way to get quality care to folks who need it at affordable prices so that people do not have to go broke just to stay

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