Illustrative Essay Bang Bang Your Dead

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In most cases when bullying takes place in school the parents of the students are totally and completely unaware to it. This is attributed to the fact that in most cases the bully’s person is too afraid or just feels that there is absolutely no reason to come out and say what is happening. Most schools are so quick to judge one on their past actions, that they don’t take the time to really examine how the subject could be treated. As om the movie “Bang Bang Your Dead” The main character Trever, is bullied to the point that he totally changes his actions and outward felings that he’s considered dangerous, and shunned by all in his school and town. Directly following the first encounter with a bully he turns and retaliated the only way he can think of, threatening to bomb his high school’s football team. The following year his depression and anger began to accelerate. He begins to think even more morbid and become increasingly depressed. Schools have a history of thinking that putting zero tolerance policies and having metal detectors in their entrances make the schools safer. But this causes the students to hide their feelings, and causes a lot of the bullies students to hide their increasingly depressive and angry feelings and as it already well known, people who mask their true feelings can do more harm than good. If schools would pay more attention to dramatic changes in the person’s behavior rather than penalizing the smallest action, they could maybe weed out the true causes of the bullying and things would not turn out to end in severe action, or possibly even end in a student’s suicide. If students would become more interested in looking at themselves, instead of looking for faults in their fellow classmates, they would see that bullying does not make them better that their victims, but actually makes them the same, or even lower. Most of the time

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