Changing Her Day Essay

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English 1 Advanced 6th period 13, September 2013 If I’m the girl to change the world, I can change it anytime. -Demi Lovato If I’m the girl to change the world, I can change it anytime. -Demi Lovato Changing Her Day My 8th grade year at north middle school was a blast. We, the 8th grade, got a lot of opportunities the year before us didn’t get. Of course we had fun and learned a lot of school related topics, but there was one thing I noticed my 8th grade year. We had a lot of “less fortunate” kids. Some of the field trips we would normally take, we couldn’t because they couldn’t afford to go. It was really sad, but then again the students couldn’t actually do something about it. Bullying is such a big subject now because it happens to everyone. Our principal at North said “It isn’t bullying until it happens twice.” But that’s not always the problem. Sometimes a person can say one thing to you, and it can ruin your entire day, week, or even month. I don’t understand why people bully each other, maybe because they’re so insecure about their self they need to bring others down with them. Maybe they don’t get enough attention at their house, or maybe they want friends but they can only show their mean side because they are actually scared of getting hurt themselves. Either way, no matter what the reasoning is, bullying is not okay. There was one girl, Sally, who I had got close with but then again we only talked in certain periods. Maybe it was because I was nice to her and partnered with her when no one else would, or maybe the simple fact I didn’t want her to feel left out that I was her friend. She never hurt me, or was mean to me, she just dressed different and wasn’t as fortunate as the rest of us. I still talked to her though, and let her sit by me in lunch and was her friend when no one would be. I didn’t judge her by the clothes she wore,

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