Bullying Essay

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Bullying- Boys vs. Girls Bullying has become more popular over the past years. The article “Girlfight” by Karen Fanning describes the ways boys and girls verbally bully, while the article “Culture of Cruelty” from Raising Cain, by Dan Kindlon explains the different ways boys bully and how they differ from the girls’ ways of bullying. While both boys and girls are bullied because they do not conform, girls tend to engage in a war of words while boys settle their disputes by physical acts of violence. Although it may seem that only girls are bullied because they do not conform, they are not alone. The boys are being targeted for bullying as well. The article “Girlfight” explains that “both groups demand conformity and hold him/her up to ridicule for failure to conform” (Fanning). When a person in the group does not follow a certain rule that has been set, that person is taunted and teased by the other members of that particular group. The taunted person may even be told that they are not allowed to hang out with the other members of the group anymore because they will not follow the group in the things they do. The reasons boys and girls bully are similar. “Girls tend to get picked on if they wear glasses or braces or if they are too skinny or too fat” (Fanning). Over the years, “Boys have picked up on our culture’s ideas of what they are supposed to be. They bully each other about being a ‘wuss’ or not being strong enough” (Fanning). All of the different ways that boys and girls bully because of others not conforming to certain rules have the same effect on everyone. Girls tend to engage in a war of words when it comes to bullying, rather than physically fighting. “Girlfight” explains that girls throwing punches is not tolerated, and for showing aggression, girls are scolded. Ladies are not allowed to physically show aggression toward each other
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