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IEP PROJECT In the video The IEP Team Process: A Framework for Success. Chapter 5. The IEP Meeting the school district officials are holding an IEP meeting to discuss services of a student moving to middle school. The committee is conducted professionally by district professionals. The meeting begins with introduction’s by the team coordinator, special education teacher, general education teacher, parents, the student, the school psychologist, a representative from the middle school that the student will be attending, a note taker, and the assistant principal who is the representative for the school district. The committee has provided drafts for the parents and other members of the group. They…show more content…
The meeting starts with the team coming into the room in a single file line and sitting down at the table. The committee consisted of the team leader, occupational therapist, general education teacher, music teacher, lunch lady, and a maintenance engineer. This team included non-essential members and violated confidentially laws. The team leader rang a bell to begin the meeting. She asked the mother had she ever attended a team meeting before and when she replied “No” the team proceeded to do “High Fives” around the table as the mother and her sister looked at each other with stunned looks. She went on to say that the group would spend the first 5 minutes buttering her up and go over what was wrong with her daughter in painful detail. That’s exactly what they did. The team leader told the mother “If there’s something you don’t understand we prefer that, and then we’ll all covert looks, you’ll cry and we’ll all go to lunch.”! She went on to say to before we conclude the flattery portion of this meeting we want give you this brief brochure with your rights and drops this huge stack papers in front of the mother as she cracks a joke about lifting from…show more content…
Both videos were taped IEP meetings and were being held to discuss a student’s IEP. In attendance were parents and team committee members. The similarities between the two meetings stopped there. According to Friend (2013) the IEP should include components required by IDEA like the present level of performance, annual goals, short term objectives or bench marks, special education and related services, supplementary aids and services, and assistive technology, participation with peers who do not have disabilities, accommodations for sand district testing, dates and places, transition services, needs and transition services to be provided, age of majority, measurement of progress, and other considerations. According to Friend (2013) IEP teams generally as members the parents, special education teacher, general education teacher, a school representative, an individual who can interpret the results of any evaluations, representatives from any outside agencies providing transition services, and the student. The first meeting was conducted respectfully and legally. The meeting began by reviewing a draft copy of the IEP and going through it entirely with the parents. The IEP covered the student’s present level

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