Student Genogram Report

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Using the instructions on pages 559-476 in the text, the student must draw a genogram of their family on a plain sheet of 8.5” x 11” paper. A 500-1,000 word count, double-spaced typewritten report with bibliography summarizing the student’s genogram is required. Include a bibliography of all your references at the end of the paper. There is a free downloadable genogram program available on-line at and students may use in conjunction with this activity. Each student will be required to present their genogram to the class on poster board measuring no less than 22” x 28” to use as a visual aide. The student should expect to answer questions from the class and share their thoughts about their family and the influence members and their respective environments have had on each other over the course of several generations. Each student is required to write the report and complete a genogram and present it to the class. For the class presentation, you may complete an additional…show more content…
It will help them recognize the complexity and necessity of assessment in social work practice. The student will experience the process of interviewing and recognize the need to develop interviewing skills to identify client strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, the student will document client information in a well-organized, narrative format found in social work settings. Students are strongly urged to consider that they are responsible for creating a comprehensive social history that can be easily read and understood by those unfamiliar with the case. Missing or irrelevant information necessary to make a proper assessment will cost students points. Students will be expected to defend their final assessment in their report based on evidence gathered during the interview and not speculation or
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