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Assessment 1 why is it important to create a meeting agenda that reflects the style and structure of the meeting and to send it, together with any papers, to all participants? what items should be included on an agenda? Well for example, in a school board meeting, they create an agenda covering the topics they intend to discuss during the school board meeting. Each member on the school board, the principals and superintendents all get a copy. The purpose is to cover all the topics and stay on schedule and take care of the business and other issues of the school. If they did not have an agenda, the meeting could get out of hand and other issues could be brought up that have not been researched for that particular meeting. Each member gets a copy of the agenda, which would include expenses that the school had, not just what they needed to talk about. It would probably include any teacher issues, such as firing someone for doing something wrong to a child, that would be a legal issue. agenda: statement of the meeting's purpose welcome minutes of the previous meeting matters or business arising from the minutes correspondence reports major agenda items/presentations (in order of priority) general business/discussion new ideas confirmation of actionable items date of next meeting-chair and minute taker for next meeting close 2. what are the attributes of an effective and efficient meeting? what are the responsibilities of the chairperson in a meeting? Meetings can be the bane of business life. Most people have work to be getting on with! Call a business meeting only if necessary. The benefits are that it allows an opportunity to "brainstorm" around a certain topic or to discuss a number of topics through a tightly controlled agenda. For the latter there should be little or no sidetracking and the topics should be dealt with as swiftly and
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