ELL Assessments In Elementary School

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Sheila James April 12, 2013 ESL-223N Angie Robins | ELL Assessments In the Elementary school in my community there are no ELL Students attending. The Charlton County school system does have a procedure in place in case they should have ELL students arriving. When an ELL student comes to the school a form is sent home to the parents to fill out. If an ELL student starts on the first day of school a registration packet is sent home with the student. The form will be collected and sent to our school social worker who will then send it to the district ELL coordinator. The ELL district coordinator will then do a home visit to see what the student’s needs are. The response to the intervention meetings will be held with the parents, teachers, principals and coordinators to let all who is involved know what the ELL student’s academic needs are. Students with limited English skills that are addressed through the Response to Intervention process will be identified and an assessment is administered. When the student meets the qualifications they will be serviced by an ESOL teacher. The ESOL teacher will work with the classroom teacher on a regular basis. The student will be assessed each year to see if they need to continue the services. Formal Assessment…show more content…
Teachers frequently feel that they should have been trained more than they have been. to administer subject information teaching because educators cannot tell if the pupil is struggling in reading comprehension knowledge understanding, deficiency of guidance and instruction on the educators, or probably if it was due to some degree of English language skills. Sorry to say, the reason for this suffering is due to improper interpretations and ELL students not being taught the proper education
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