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ACTIVITY Task 1 [1.1] Consider the following groups of people • Colleagues • Head Teachers • Children • Parents How will communicating effectively with each of these groups help you to build positive relationship with them? Write your answer on a separate piece of paper. Task 2 [1.2] Read the following case study and answer the questions below on a separate sheet of paper. Case study You are a newly appointed teaching assistant in a large primary school. Your appointment started mid-term and was necessary due to the previous teaching assistant suffering from ill health. She was a much loved member of the team and you have heard parents, children and teachers say how much they are missing her. You have big shoes to fill, together with forming and building relationships with the children and adults which is very important. 1. How will you start to build relationships with the children? 2. How will you start to build relationships with teachers and parents? 3. How will you react when the children say that they are missing the former teaching assistant? 4. How might you encourage them to accept you as a member of the school community? Task 3 [1.3] Complete the table below by explaining how you would communicate with, and relate to, each of the groups of people according to the circumstances. |Context |Circumstance |How would you relate to others in this circumstance, and how would you communicate | | | |effectively? | |Social |You are helping out at the parent/teachers |I would get involved with them and talk to them. Also asked them if they need any | |

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