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A Child Study Team (CST) is a group of education professionals that meet on a regular basis to discuss, assess and formulate plans to intervene when a student is showing signs of difficulty in a regular education environment. This team is part of the pre referral process before a struggling student is formally assessed for special educational services. The CST group follows the Response to Intervention (RTI) pyramid schedule, and when a student does not perform at grade level in Tier 1 in the RTI plan, that student is moved to Tier 2. According to Roger Peirangelo and George A. Guiliani from the textbook “Assessment in Special Education”, When progress monitoring and teacher observation show that Tier 1 RTI strategies are not working, they will move to Tier 2 RTI. () Child Study Teams are important to the education process because they help determine if a student is struggling due to an issue outside of a learning or behavioral deficit or if a least restrictive modification can be incorporated into the child’s education plan. CST’s help to establish If a child needs modification to regular education instruction or if another solution is viable before the student is referred to special education services. If a student can be heoped in RTI Tier 1 or 2, he/she can avoid further assessment. According to Pierangelo and Giuliani, before a formal assessment for placement in special education occurs, the student’s teacher meets with the pre-referral team to discuss the nature of the problem and what possible modifications to instruction or the classroom might be made. () The pre-referral team may consist of regular class teacher, Principal, psychologist, special education teacher, nurse, social worker speech therapist or guidance counselor. The team will gather as much available information on the student before the meeting to have a clear understanding of the
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