Administration Of Prescribed Medication In Schools

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See role of parents. The administration of such medication forms part the Department's common law duty of care to take reasonable steps to keep students safe while they attend school. This duty of care is fulfilled through its staff members. The administration of prescribed medication in schools is carried out by staff who volunteer and who are trained. Department of Education and Communities staff can access the e-Administration of prescribed medication at school (e-APMAS) course from the Department's intranet. Key points to remember: Parents of children who require prescribed medication to be administered at school must complete a written request. The principal will provide the form (Ms word 113kB) to the parent. If parents have difficulty in completing the form they should ask the principal for…show more content…
Students and parents need to be advised of this requirement so that students are not left without access to critical medication. For further information see storage of prescribed medication. A letter (Ms word 107kB) to parents/carers has been prepared to confirm arrangments for the administration of the student's medication at school. It is the principal's responsibility to fully inform relevant staff of the management implications of students requiring the administration of prescribed medication. Except in an emergency, only individual staff members who have volunteered and been trained, will administer prescribed medication to students. The principal will oversight implementation of the course of action that he or she has determined is necessary for the support of the student's health needs. It is the principal's responsibility to ensure that all copies of the written medical advice and any other relevant documentation are stored in a secure and confidential

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