I Have The Right To Bear Arms Essay

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Saul Ceja Mrs. Anderbery English 4-3 20 November 2014 Gun Control Guns don’t kill people; it’s the people who own the guns who kill the people. Gun control is a vital part of the future of the United States. The Second Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment are the ones that give states the right to make their own gun laws. Self-defense is a vital part of gun control, as people may be able to prevent a crime from being committed, because they would have a weapon or a gun for protection. Numerous individuals across the United States disagree with the current usage of guns; it is necessary to look at this controversial issue because of the recent violence involving guns across the United States. Americans should have the right to bear arms, no matter the circumstances in the country. Since the beginning of this country, people have always fought for guns with the right intentions. The reason in becoming an independent, new country was that we had neither rights nor any representation in the Parliament in England. England was enacting all of these Acts that were…show more content…
Although the system is stronger, people will beat it. The only way to lessen gun violence is to make stronger penalties for gun offenders. Therefore they cannot repeat any criminal activity. Works Cited Balaker, Ted. "Free Speech And Guns." Reason 42.3 (2010): 34-41. OmniFile Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson). Web. 17 Sept. 2014. Ceja, Saul. Survey. Lexington, NE: Lexington High School. 1 Nov. 2014 Habib, Michael J. "The Future Of Gun Control Laws Post-Mcdonald And Heller And The Death Of One-Gun-Per-Month Legislation." Connecticut Law Review 44.4 (2012): 1339-1382. OmniFile Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson). Web. 17 Sept. 2014 "Push To Reduce Gun Violence Continues Despite Senate Setback." America 210.1 (2014): 8-9. OmniFile Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson). Web. 17 Sept.

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