Hypocrisy In Catcher In The Rye

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In the catcher in the rye the tones on sorrow and anger reflect the misguided structure of Holden’s adolescent life. Despite Holden’s availability for a substantial “ all American” teenager, Holden destroys himself with self conflict. Salinger still shows the hypocrisy between Holden and structured society even after anger and sorrow takes place into Holden’s life. Salinger’s diction brings out the isolation that Holden makes him self have with the social world. Holden, who goes to pencey prep with “hot shots” that “jump over fences with horses” makes things harder for himself. Here Holden is shying him self away from the society of pencey prep that has been given to him , he believes that almost all the people that go there are molded into something that society wants us to be , and what Holden doesn’t want to be. A feeling of alone bitterness comes upon Holden as he talks about the so called polo playing school that pencey is made out to be. Self destructive is what Holden becomes while “leaving foils and equipment and stuff on the goddamn subway”. This is an example of the self destructive life style Holden lives, were he doesn’t care much about anything, even when his trust is in others…show more content…
The detail in this book also brings out the topic that Holden doesn’t want to accept adult hood in his own life or that of any other child. Saying that the life of an adult is “phony” because of the goals and desires they pursue. But also Holden’s life is out of place because of this. Holden doesn’t understand why people want to change or why they have the loss of innocence after adolescence. Jane, Holden’s friend, is one of the many people that Holden wants to save, along with phoebe and the rest of the adolescent world. He doesn’t understand “{were the ducks are}” in the winter, or why they have left. Holden just puts him self out of place with many

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