The Theme Of Innocence In John Knowles 'A Separate Peace'

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Sierra Branch Mrs. P. Durán Eiker English II, Pre-AP, Period 1/B 29 April 2015 John Knowles depicts a loss of innocence in, A Separate Peace, through symbol, metaphor, and irony. The realization of the hostile world diminishes the adolescence of the boys at Devon. The understanding of the brutal world implicates the necessity of a personal war with adulthood and the loss of innocence. The realities of life permeate and destroy the world of the boys’ youth, which comes with the understanding that a friend might act with malice toward another. The destruction of the youth of the boys at Devon corrupts innocence they have within themselves. The moral youth is lost when one understands he reality of the inimical world. Gene realizes that the world is an evil place and he discovers that he has enemies to fight and destroy. He restates his companionship towards his best friend and occasionally contends to the “natural” envy he possesses. Gene admits to his desire to see finny disciplined for his sly behavior at school. The protagonist acknowledges his dissatisfaction for the lack of discipline finny receives when, “He had gotten away with everything. I felt a sudden stab of disappointment” (Knowles 28). He is unhappy with the fact that Finny has not gotten looked down upon for his…show more content…
The comprehension of the reality of human nature is too much for Finny to handle. Knowles explains through extended metaphor, the appearance of the tide falling over the boys. His metaphor is illustrated when, “Repeatedly, Knowles employs the image of waves washing over the boys, leaving them with greater understanding with each ebb and flow. With each wave, Finny loses vitality”(Hamm 3). The war and the school pushed down on the boys killing their youth. They have nothing to do but accept this fact. Every wave leaves them with more mature knowledge than previous. With each billow, Finny loses his

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