The Sin Of Thefts In Shakespeare's The Kite Runner

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To steal doesn’t always mean to physically take someone’s possessions. It can be a mental or emotional theft. One can rob a person of his innocence, happiness, or way of life. Lying is stealing the truth. Baba expresses the idea that all sin stems from theft. In The Kite Runner, many characters fall victim to the sin of theft. This theft leads to a great deal of pain for each character. Throughout The Kite Runner, the emotional development of Amir, Hassan, and Baba is hindered by the sin of theft in all its forms. Amir steals happiness from his father Baba in various ways. Baba’s wife died giving birth to Amir. Amir’s birth killed his mother; he stole Baba of a wife. Baba would have been happier if she was in the picture. Amir also deprives Baba of the son he’s always wanted. Amir isn’t tough and involved in sports like Baba…show more content…
Hassan being tougher than Amir was always the one to deal with problems. Hassan’s loyalty and love towards Amir led to the incident with Assef. Assef steals Hassan of his innocence and childhood. Assef thought he was avenging the disrespect that Hassan shown to him. He was doing way more than that. He stole Hassan’s entire childhood. Nothing was the same after the rape. The friendship Amir and Hassan knew was over. The entire course of their life changed because of Assef’s actions. It was because of Amir’s guilty scheme that Hassan and Ali left to Hazarajat. Assef robbed Baba of his secret son and loyal friend. Theft plays a big role in The Kite Runner. The development of the characters is affected by the stealing that goes on. Theft is one of the main ideas of this book. The sin of theft is demonstrated throughout the book in various ways as the characters steal mental and emotional aspects of life back and forth from one another. Theft is seen as a sin, the only sin, and all other sins are seen as a variation of

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