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Although Hassan and Amir were childhood friends, they had many differences. Do you think these differences lead to Amir betraying Hassan? The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is about a boy named Amir and his father’s servant’s son, Hassan. They have a very complex relationship. In the book Amir has experienced betrayal. Not only has he experienced betrayal, but he has also betrayed people that were important to him, and trusted him. There was one point in the book where Amir betrayed Hassan. Even though Hassan always stayed loyal to Amir, Amir wasn’t always to Hassan. At times Amir didn’t know whether to call Hassan a friend or not because he was a servant and was a Hazara. One day on the day of the kite tournament, Amir won.…show more content…
He was betrayed a second time by Baba. Not only was Hassan betrayed by Baba’s actions, but so was Amir. Baba held a heroic figure. Everyone liked Baba and respected him. They looked up to him. He was very wealthy and strong and built his own orphanage when others doubted him. To Amir Baba was just perfect. Baba thought there was only one sin in life; that sin being theft. You murder a man, you steal someone’s life. Not only do you steal a life but you steal a wife’s husband and a kid’s father. You lie; you steal the right for someone to know the truth. You cheat on someone; you steal the right to fairness. This one thing that Baba thought was the biggest sin of all, he committed and for a very long time. He hid the truth from Amir and Hassan. He never told them that they were brothers. If they would have known, life would’ve been so much different. Hassan and Ali would have never moved, and Hassan wouldn’t have died the way he did. Amir probably wouldn’t be afraid to call Hassan a friend and would actually play with him in front of others. Hassan would have never had gotten raped. But if this truth had come out, Baba’s respect, the respect everyone had for him, would’ve been gone. People would have different thoughts of Baba. Amir had later on realized that his actions of betrayal were bad. He wanted to fix these mistakes he had done. Rahim told him there was a way to be good again. That way was by retrieving Sohrab,

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