Amir's Father In The Kite Runner

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MANLIER THAN THE OLD MAN AFTERALL In Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner,” Amir’s father, Baba, was a well respected, self-oriented man who never got to understand his 12 year old son Amir. This lead him to not being able to satisfy the needs of his son as a father should. This affected Amir’s character horribly. Amir began to stop believing in himself and started to make the wrong decisions, which made the rest of his adult life a living hell. Through out the novel Amir failed to stand up for himself, and Hassan, who later we discovered was his half brother. Others had to stand up for Amir, because he failed to do so. These reasons always made Baba question his son’s manliness. Because of his lack of confidence ¾better yet “manliness” Amir…show more content…
A very big one also. He enrolled into Junior college, worked with his father, met the love of his life Soraya. Soraya became Amir’s wife. They had everything a young couple can wish for except, children. They couldn’t have children, which was another major problem. In California Amir did away with the memory of Hassan and what he witnessed and did absolutely nothing about. Although it would come back in haunt him at times. That is until one day Amir received a phone call from Rahim Khan after his fathers death, asking him to visit him. Amir didn’t hesitate and left as soon as possible. After arriving to the middle east, and arriving at Rahim Khan’s he finds out that Hassan was killed by the Taliban, that he had married and had a child who was named Sohrab. He also came to know that Hassan was his half brother. The lies his father had fed him infuriated Amir. Baba’s love towards Ali and Hassan especially, now made complete sense. Rahim Khan asked Amir to return to Kabul so he could pick up Sohrab and bring him to an orphanage that was worthy. Amir almost nearly failed to do this. Rahim Khan knew what had happened back in that alley, and so this was why he was asking Amir to do the honors. Kabul was a wreck. There he met with who he least expected, Assef. He was now a Taliban and had custody of

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