Amir's Choice In The Kite Runner

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One bad choice made by Amir completely changed the path of his life; not for the better, but for the worse. The dramatic betrayal to his best friend Hassan transforms Amir into a selfish brat from what used to be a genuine and kind person. At first, Amir and Hassan are so close they’re like brothers. Amir talks about how “they were kids who had learned to crawl together, and no history, ethnicity, society, or religion was going to change that either. [He] spent most of the first twelve years of [his] life playing with Hassan. Sometimes, [his] entire childhood seems like one long lazy summer day with Hassan.” (Hosseini 25). Amir is expressing his care and love towards Hassan through sharing all they have been through so far together. In emphasizing…show more content…
His decision to not save his best friend from harm is like a tiny flame that sets off a massive forest fire destroying everything in its path. Amir feels so guilty about what he has done he begins to disregard everything everyone else has done for him and only thinks of ways he can find peace within himself, but for no one else. All he wants to do is forget about his horrible actions and takes out the anger that he has with himself on others, like when Ali is asking Amir if he knows what’s wrong with Hassan and he rudely replies with “How should I know? … Now, am I going to freeze to death are you planning on lighting the stove any time today?” (Hosseini 81) Ali’s reminders to Amir about what Hassan is going through because of him is obviously not helping Amir forget about what he’s done, whether Ali knows it or not. Even though it’s not Ali’s fault, Amir finds it necessary to be disrespectful to Ali despite all the ways he has benefitted his life. The kind and caring Amir before the betrayal would never treat Ali like he is now, but the incident completely changed who he is as a person; for the
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